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Grateful. Found my strength #thankful #gratitude-quote Visit us at:

I have never hated anyone and never will, but sometimes you can let people take advantage of you and the one person who you thought you knew, well turns out you don't...

The Lords Prayer, also called the Our Father and the Pater Noster, is a venerated Christian prayer that, according to the New Testament, was taught by Jesus to his disciples. Description from I searched for this on


Don't judge me

People can be willfully ignorant as long as it justifies their current judgement of others ~MW

The ash project by Ars Thanea. #dethselect #dethjunkie #dethjunkieofficial #burningroses

Face my future head first, Full of knowledge for my future family

(Hermes Trismegisto) O princípio de correspondência diz-nos que o que é verdadeiro no macrocosmo é também verdadeiro no microcosmo e vice-versa.

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