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Two young Cheyenne children, girl and boy. Photograph taken around 1910.

two young children, a girl seated in a chair with a dress yoke heavily decorated with dentalium shells, and numerous necklaces, and a boy wearing a cotton print shirt, metal cuffs on his upper arms and a breastplate of bone hairpipes.(Cheyenne) 1910 ~j

Edward Curtis image. Cheyenne girl.

Window into the past by Edward Curtis

Cheyenne Girl Wearing Feather Head Dress You are viewing an unusual image of the Daughter Bad Horse. It was taken in 1905 by Edward S. The image shows a Cheyenne wearing a feather headdress.

Two Moons Cheyenne Edward Curtis

"Two Moons Cheyenne" Edward Curtis Native American Art

Medicine Man   . .

Due to an increasing division between the Dog Soldiers and the council chiefs…