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Pikachu/#1916028 - Zerochan

Pokémon - 025 Pikachu art by いのぽけ (Pixiv)

When the cold hard truth slaps you in the face

night sounds are the worst! the pipes in my house make it sound like someone is tapping at my window and tapping on my bed at night :/

Pika and Chuchu

couple danchou eyelashes hair_ornament highres nature no_humans on_grass on_ground peaceful pikachu pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_rgby pokemon_special sleeping sunlight

Me vs...life T-T

The normal cycle of your everyday life

Commission for ScoutCharger It was super fun to design these two as the ruling princesses

My Little Mages: Cheerilee by Didj on deviantART

I have really been inspired to draw My Little Mages lately. Perhaps it's having my new tablet. It's one of those ones that is also a monitor so you're d. My Little Mages: Cheerilee