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For Brittney and Grayson   (a Gray Wolf pup for your Gray Woolf pup)

For Brittney and Grayson (a Gray Wolf pup for your Gray Woolf pup)

this wolf is beautiful and her baby!

White Wolf: Using Dogs to Hunt Wolves: Does Anyone See The Irony?


It's like Fili and Kili in wolf form!

nice_MG_2962.jpg (1600×1067)

nice_MG_2962.jpg (1600×1067)

El Lobo- ok this is a gorgeous wolf! Wow!

El Lobo- ok this is a gorgeous wolf!

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Mother wolf and cubs

I feel like the wolf is one of the worlds most beautiful and misunderstood animal in the world.  Beautiful in heart and soul.

Amazing photo- The Look by Henrik Nilsson, via - "This captive timber wolf gives me a good look during a rare snow storm. Wolves are one of my favorite mammals. Image captured in North Vancouver, BC"



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Little she wolf cubs

Gray Wolf peering around a tree

Melanistic Gray Wolf peering around a tree. Wolves feel so mysterious . If you believed in shapeshifting I wouldn't be a cat, I'd definetly be this cool guy right here.

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Running with wolves

Oh that the human bond would be as strong as this! We've lost that because of our selfishness but God teaches us through His example on the Cross and through animals like the wolf.

Lobos On The Edge: Tragedy has struck in New Mexico. Defenders has learned that yet another of one of the world’s most endangered wolves was shot and killed. This time, a Mexican gray wolf mother known as alpha female 1108 (F1108) was the victim of this killing. F1108 had been mothering a den of young pups, all of which are assumed to be dead. Take a minute & take action to sign a petition-before they're gone forever.

Mexican Gray Wolf at Canid Research Center, © Joel Sartore

Cattle owners in Asturias (Spain) are pushing for the killing of wolves.

Animal Awareness