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Ummm....Yes :) Wow. what a crazy, crazy book. Maybe it could be custom made, so you'd specify your personality and put some stories about yourself and then, MAGIC would happen. But maybe you'd get a friend to do it, so you wouldn't know about it. *sigh*

Slowly drawing a loaded handgun from the lace garter holster, Abby switched the safety off and pressed her body up against the side of the booth. I’m ready, she told herself determinedly, grinding her teeth in anticipation of the awaited ambush. They can have the joy of killing me, but they won’t have the satisfaction of seeing my fear.

from Danielle Zeigler

Vision Board Friday: Get Out of Your Own Way + Reach Your Goals

Your slowly killing your self I won't Ukrainia!!! It kept auto correcting and yes I know it isn't a real place....