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Not Anti-Social

Funny I'm Not Anti-Social I'm Selectively Social T-shirt! Great tshirt for the anti-social! Available in various styles, colors and sizes.

Thought this was appropriate today

Four Reasons why Civility in the Workplace is a Must

"Civility is not a sign of weakness" I wish this was more abundant in our society today. What a difference it makes to be civil.

Childhood Trauma - What you should know and what you should do:

Childhood trauma is more common than you think and if left unchecked can have lifelong side effects. Find a therapist that can help your child get through the trauma so they don't have to suffer their entire life.

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Lorinda-Character Education: Asking a Question without Blaming

Lorinda-Character Education: Be a Detective & Asking A ? Without Blame; Conflict Resolution 4 Immaturity jumps ahead and assigns blame. Learning to investigate and ask the right questions is a life skill.

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