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WWI Puzzle Pack: World War I Word Search and Crossword Puzzles

WWI Puzzles Pack offers a fun WWI review covering all the major phases and topics of the war! • MAIN Causes • Crisis in the Balkans • The Start of the War • Course of WWI from the start until American entry • Course of WWI from American entry until the end • Life on the U.S. home front • Treaty of Versailles.... 3 Word Searches and 5 WWI Crosswords for loads of learning fun! Complete answers included!

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My Boy Jack -- World War I Critical Thinking Questions

Best World History WWI Movie by far, especially for high school age. Make it even more powerful with these questions designed not to test students, but to get them thinking hard about the issues raised by the film. Great discussion / debate starters about propaganda, duty, imperialism, the WWI home front, and much, much more! These My Boy Jack movie worksheets mean activities at your fingertips with NO PREP -- just print and go!

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World War I Propaganda Analysis

This fantastic lesson plan has students utilizing higher-level thinking skills to analyze 15 primary source propaganda posters from World War I. Included is everything you will need for this lesson, including a worksheet, 15 full color propaganda posters, and an answer key.

FREE! Introduce your students to World FREE! War II with this creative 30-slide power point. It includes pictures and music related to World War II in the United States. History Lesson Plans

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World War II Video Webquest Pearl Harbor and Midway (Great Lesson Plan)

This is a simple and easy to use lesson plan. Have your students watch the YouTube video and answer the questions. The video is from the great BBC/Military Channel series called 20th Century Battlefields. (Battle of Midway) Watch the video for yourself at: If the website changes, just type in "20th Century Battlefields Midway" into YouTube and the video will come up.

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World War I Analyzing Propaganda Posters (World History)

Your students will be engaged with this common core-aligned activity. Students will work in pairs to analyze 8 propaganda posters from World War I. The posters are from several different countries (The U.S. , France, Britain, Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary). A power point introduction to propaganda and “Total War” is included. World History Lesson Plans