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WWI Puzzle Pack: World War I Word Search and Crossword Puzzles

WWI Puzzles Pack offers a fun WWI review covering all the major phases and topics of the war! • MAIN Causes • Crisis in the Balkans • The Start of the War • Course of WWI from the start until American entry • Course of WWI from American entry until the end • Life on the U.S. home front • Treaty of Versailles.... 3 Word Searches and 5 WWI Crosswords for loads of learning fun! Complete answers included!

Christmas in the Trenches 5th Grade Christmas and World War 1 History Lesson--I love this book by John McCutcheon and read it to my students every year.

Introducing the World War Two Simulation Student Orientation Video, one of the most dynamic and interactive history lesson plans- that inspires students to want to learn more about World War II. Students will be assigned roles as world leaders or foreign ministers of the major countries involved in the war and learn more when they are engaged in a simulation. Driven buy their historical objectives and fueled by competition with classmates. #sschat #historyteacher

World War II PowerPoint with Video Clips + Presenter Notes (WW2)

World War II PowerPoint with video clips and presenter notes is packed with maps, primary source documents, stunning visuals, and embedded video links, everything you need to keep your students engaged This 25 slide PowerPoint packed with beautiful graphics, engaging video clips and presenter notes that aid your understanding of each slide and can act as a cheat sheet for details you may forget. Some slides have maps and discussion questions to help engage your students.

World War II Timeline Webquest

World War II Timeline Webquest uses a great website created by the BBC that allows students to get a better understanding of the causes and impact of key battles and events during World War II. The webquest is very easy to follow for students in grades 6-12.

World War II European Theater Primary Source Worksheet Collection

This activity includes six primary source documents related to the European Theater during World War II. Five of six worksheets use primary source readings from the great Eye Witness to History Website. Students read the documents and answer the questions.