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Voici les photos finalistes des Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards | The Creators Project

Voici les photos finalistes des Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Bighorn Rams exhibiting attitudes during the rut, Gardiner, Montana, December, (Photo by Patricia Bauchman/Barcroft Images/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Kung-Fu-Puffin-Becky-Bunce.jpg (610×406)

This shot, entitled 'Kung Fu Puffin', was taken by Rebecca Bunce, and was…


Comedy Wildlife 2016 – Les photographies gagnantes de ce concours hilarant

2016 Winners :: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Conservation through Competition

Embarrassed monkey: Other judges in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are photographers Tom Sullam and Will Burrard-Lucas

Levitating squirrels and three-headed giraffes

Funny Side of Wildlife: Entries from the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (PHOTOS)

Knotty H'eye' Rise - created by artgirl1935 via pxleyes.com

such a big family. They really have a full house.or should we say tree?


Comedy Wildlife 2016 – Awarding the most amusing animal photographs

An adorable little squirrel captured on a beautiful sunny day holding the stem of a flower, unknown location, October 2016. (Photo by Perdita Petzl/Barcroft Images/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016)

Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2016 Shortlist

The nutcracker. A squirrel clutches a flower stem and conducts an imaginary orchestra


15 fotos mostrando que também existe bom humor na vida selvagem

The jungle babbler is a member of the Leiothrichidae family found in the Indian subcontinent, 2016 - by Ashish Inamdar, Indian


Hummingbird Canvas Print / Canvas Art by David Tipling

Hummingbird - Red-footed Plumeleteer (Chalybura urochrysia) male, Costa Rica, by David Tipling / Fine Art America