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We recently revealed our Apple Watch app, now here's one for the Android fans! You can now enjoy the online lotto experience from your Android device with the release of the official Oz Lotteries app. The download link can be found in the article - happy days!

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You might actually use Apple Maps if this update happens

You might actually use Apple Maps if this update happens | Apple's navigation app could receive an update soon that brings it up to spec with Google Maps Buying advice from the leading technology site

Apple and Samsung have scared every other smartwatch maker away

Apple expands reuse and recycle scheme, letting Android phones be swapped for iPhones -

Microsoft is set to release a new Authenticator app for Windows, iOS and Android devices

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Amazon lets Prime members add HBO and Cinemax to their plans

Amazon’s Fire TV devices just became much more useful if you prefer to talk to your media hub. An update rolling out to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick gives you dramatically improved search: you can...

Our heroes are counterfeit. #MrRobot

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