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Chicken, ham, chorizo and herb raised pie

A proper, homemade raised pie is magnificent, but often thought of as too fiddly to bother with. This foolproof guide will make this challenging one more achievable.

i just choked and then began to wonder how in the hell pete 'accidently' threw his bass in Patrick's face

FOB.<< I love how this band has pictures of the whole band as a focus instead of the most popular one in the foreground

Camping Tips. Life Hacks. Stay Warm this Winter. Camping Hacks. Holiday - Adventure

pete wentz fall out boy Patrick Stump joe trohman andy hurley ...

Oh my god.... Patrick.... Could it be? Patrick everdeen

Pole Art - Rubber Pencil by hannah elizabeth photography, via Flickr

Original trolls that appear in countless tales of Norse mythology seem to be descended from the Jotun. The Jotun were a race very similar to the Titans of ancient Greece. They were sworn enemies of the gods and separated from humans in remote hills, mountains, and forests only through the diligence of the Norse gods where they awaited the end of the world when they would finally battle the Norse gods on an even playing field. Trolls are very similar in their homes as the Jotun or Giants.

Patrick Stump is the most polite and sweet rock star ever.Well Pete is too,but you know what I mean.