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Bronze Guitar Pick Key Chain I Pick You with Love by NiciLaskin

Best day of my life. I still remember it so clearly. He was this cheeky, intelligent, painfully handsome and incredibly charming man with a wicked sense of humour, a rad sense of style and a soul made of the same stuff as mine. Love at first sight. Everything fell into place and made complete sense. The rest is history <3

//open// Elaine types rapidly on the keyboard, doing her part in finding the girls. Her eyes are burning and really what she probably needs right now is food and water, but the redhead most certainly won't stop until someone physically makes her leave or the girls are found. The room is filled with others doing their own assignments for finding them, but it's all tech and she found the click of keys and mouses somewhat soothing.

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Decor Lust of the Moment: Mirrored Furniture

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For some reason Earnest can pick locks. Walter isn't sure if he wants to ask how he knows

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Interview with Heart Home’s Arianna Trapani

Chic living room with reclaimed wood coffee table and black modern chairs

rustic bouquet I actually grow half of these haha why can't I just win lotto and become a florist in a far off place? #sigh #dreams

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D E C E P T I O N - P A R T_I : E S C A P E

READ THE PROMPT writing prompt: "Where are you from?" he asked. Shaking, I pointed to the globe. "Earth?" his eyes widened, "You're from Earth!? But it's a fairy tale!" He paused and looked at me like he had never seen something like me before and breathed, "How did you get here?"

❥ fresh picked flowers in a sweet little glass… reminds me of simpler times when I was a child


Sunglasses: Top Picks

Sunglasses pho-london #accesories