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"Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things." So true. Now I'm off to the play park to find me a swing weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


6 Steps You Can Take to Stop Worrying for Good If you want something you never had, You have to do something you've never done.

Continue enjoying.

Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun, fall in love, regret nothing, and don't let people bring you down. Words to live by! My 2013 resolution!

There's always something good to look forward to

When it rains look for rainbows, when its dark look for stars quote Always look for the brighter side of things, since after rain there are always rainbows, and in the dark, there are always stars.

Dependent on everything in life...friends, family, medicine/drugs, pets, technology, etc. Anytime things can and will eventually go. Not always intentionally, but learn to be independent. Nothing lasts forever.

“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world. Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.


We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson. On my birthday. I learned who in my life is a blessing and who are lessons. I hope I remember that.

Get busy with something you love to do . Something that makes you feel good.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off things that don’t hep you. Think positively.

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Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening. It just stops you from enjoying the good. So true so stop worrying and enjoy life

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A Little Inspiration Goes A Long Way - 20 Pics

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