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Fake Screenshots: Creepy Pasta by BleedingHeartworks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I love this picture so much. The dialogue snippets lure you into learning more about the story. If you don't know these characters, run, save yourself.<<<< I agree run save your self from the fandom I would leave but.

I love Sally and Jeff together, I think Jeff is like the protective older brother of her, but then again I guess most of the creepypasta are like Sally's older siblings

Here's Sally and Jeff watching television. xD Guess Jeff's creeped out of Sally watching a weird TV kids show titled "Candle Cove". Jeff and Sally : Candle Cove - Comic

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"Hiii guys! Now...Where's this cheesecake I was promised by Masky and Hoodie?"

Welcome to the dark side, may I take your order? How 'bout I just make you pay baby.

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