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Say goodbye to messy cables, rogue chargers and having to hunt for outlets. IKEA wireless chargers - like the NORDMÄRKE triple pad for wireless charging - blend into your office or workspace and give you the freedom to charge your phone wherever you want.

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How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

These products, hacks and tips will ensure your Wi-Fi keeps you connected no matter where you are.

WIFI Networks Security [INFOGRAPHIC]
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WIFI Networks Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

The invention of Wi-Fi Networks have revolutionized the Computer industry. Wi-Fi is one of the most successful communications technologies ever invented. It has proliferated beyond the workplace into homes and public spaces. Wireless networks have revolut

How to setup a very basic Arduino web server that's perfect for displaying data and controlling devices connected to the pins.

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These Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers Yet

22 tiny house hacks that are borderline genius. If you don't live in a small space yet, you can still apply these to your regular home to save time, space, and

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Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

Making an old wireless router into a wireless repeater to help extend range/improve signal strength in your home!