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"Monkey High!" by Shouko Akira. Complete series, volumes 1-8.

"Aishiteruze Baby" 1-7 by Yoko Maki.

One Punch Man. Everyone is so into this series and it's an action series, I feel like I may regret not pre-ordering the Saitama Nendoroid, if I end up really loving this series. I should just watch it already. ~.~;

Rin-ne by Rumiko Takahashi. There should be lots of volumes out by now, but as of 08/05/2014, I only have 1-4. Reminds me of Urusei Yatsura, but more folklore magic than aliens explaining weird events.

Ouran High School Host Club

Mushi-shi season 2. I loved the first season/series. I can't afford to forget to watch this sequel season.

Otomen by Aya Kanno. Complete series 1-18.

"Her Majesty's Dog" by Mick Takeuchi. Complete series, volumes 1-11.

"Ballad of a Shinigami" 1-3.