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In an article he wrote for the Guardian earlier this month, Jubbal said he received a death threat because of the fake photo in December, from a Twitter user who listed his home address and number. | This Sikh Man Has Been Wrongly Accused Of A Terror Attack For A Second Time - BuzzFeed News

The latest Tweets from Georgia Blue Progressive, liberal, Democrat...I am proudly all of these. I block anyone who unfollows and I don't have time for that nonsnese.

FIFA Exec Charged With Corruption Cites An “Onion” Article As Evidence Of U.S. Bias. FIFA is now officially a parody of itself.

Police shouldn’t fear policing reforms. Accountability and community outreach makes their jobs easier and safer. The NYPD can continue its strike, and its allies can continue their attacks on reformers. But they’re only hurting themselves and the city they serve.

Sean Hannity responds to Stephen Colbert comparing him to a child, saying he’s not even funny

When are these "agencies" going to LEARN? Without bees, we starve! EPA Approves New Pesticide Highly Toxic To Bees. The EPA just approved the use of the new insecticide sulfoxaflor, which the agency itself admits is highly toxic to honeybees.

Across the country, hundreds of thousands of black men are missing from everyday life.

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