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Ever seen a Laurel and Hardy movie? Half of the famous comedy duo Stan Laurel was born on this day in 1890. Here's his global chart. Is your Laurel chart looking fine or like "another fine mess"?

It's Dustin Hoffman's 79th birthday! What's on top of your Hoffmanchart The Graduate or All the President's Men? Tootsie or Marathon Man?

Song and dance man Gene Kelly was born 104 years ago today! No surprise Singin' in the Rain is his top-ranked movie. How many have you ranked?

Henry Cavill was born on May 5 1983 (33). Man of Steel is his top-ranked credit on Flickchart and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the lowest. Take a screenshot of your Cavill chart!

Remember The Totally Rad Show and "VS."? We do! ...and we're happy to send our congratulations to Dan Trachtenberg on his debut feature film this weekend: 10 Cloverfield Lane. All of us at Flickchart wish him the best of luck with this movie and many more to come.

"I think this boy's cheese slid off his cracker."