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Diet Delights: The Best Skinny Snacks

The real difference. The difference between god and obama is that god is real... gop, what even?

The real difference. Man don't declare an observably real person unreal to support God. I'm all for God but you just look stupid if you do this.

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I am not throwing away my shot Hamilton Broadway parody tee t-shirt



Obama.   Read More Funny:    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.esutm_medium=pinterestutm_source=pinterst-descriptionutm_content=utm_term=

Funny pictures about Ohana means family. Oh, and cool pics about Ohana means family. Also, Ohana means family.

One of my favorite moments in the 2012 presidential campaign. :D

Get It Together, Mitt

If presidents could run for more than two terms, I would definitely reelect Obama. He's such a cool and relatable guy.

You'll see more and more of this as the Obama campaign continues to crash.  Get all of the news at http://lucidboomer.com

AMEN Would like to see a TRUTH METER attached to the teleprompter that the audience could see, as well


“Quite amazing how fast voting base 🐑 can turn on an individual once praised work with minorities &received recognition✍🏾 efforts.

Evolution of Mom Dancing with Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon love FLOTUS!

Evolution of Mom Dancing with Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon

Feb In honor of the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign, & to encourage parents everywhere to get up & get moving with their kids, Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama present the "Evolution of Mom Dancing.

Repulsive....meanwhile children and family of WORKING AMERICANS and military family are hungry!

America’s billion-dollar mess: How Koch bros are trying to buy a right-wing future

#politics Obama's mother...playgirl and communist. THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUNNY ....right? I WILL SEE ALL YOU PEOPLE following me PINNING IT RIGHT?

OBAMA'S MOTHER~if this was the mother of Mitt Romney or George Bush - the scandal would have been worldwide front page news. but it's OBAMA'S Mom.

Femi Nazis are disgusting!

a bunch of damn crybabies that want to tell everyone else how to live their lives, and when we don't comply they cry!