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hahaha this is hilarious. "white dad at a barbecue". "stripper who's rent is due tomorrow". "look like they're being electrocuted"

∙♢∘❀ ❝ɰє яuʟє ţһє ňєɰ ɞяoҡєň sċєňє❞ ❀∘♢∙

Libra - i often sing in the shower and the car and I will break out the hairbrush microphone in the comforts of my own home. Lol >>>>Aquarius here.

Mom-libra... Dad-Gemini... Daughter-virgo... Son- cancer.   How true for all of us

Aquarius, and this is so true for me! But Libra and Sagittarius will fit me too though. lol Love British accents and Books!

How the signs show affection. #Damn, this is true. Him and me, We both say "I love you so much" to each other at random times. (Gemini& Aries) :)

I'm an Aquarius and my best friend is a Scorpio and we both have nicknames for each other<<haha. Nope I'm Aquarius and the only nicknames I've come up with is my friend Fluffy's (long story). I'm more like my moon sign Cancer.