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books0977:  Sophia Magdalena Scholl reading. Scholl (1921-1943) was a German student and revolutionary, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother Hans. As a result, they were both executed by guillotine. Her last words were “Die Sonne scheint noch”—”The sun still shines.”

Sophie Scholl A German Student and member of the White Rose resistance group who was killed by guillotine in Nazi Germany along with her brother Hans and other university friends after distributing anti war leaflets

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Marilyn Monroe Reading Motion Picture Daily, New York, c. 1955 by Ed Feingersh

Those brows! I want mine to look like hers - I already have very thick and full brows, but that shape is truly stunning.

13 Reasons Claire Underwood Of "House Of Cards" Is A Fashion Icon

Audrey Hepburn - Photograph by Jack Cardiff, “ “Audrey had a perfect face and her ballet training made her walk with sleek grace. She radiated elegance. It was a joy to work with her on War and Peace.” - Jack Cardiff ” In this particular.

Princess of Wales and singer George Michael (June 25,1963-December 25, 2016)

RIP Georgios Kyriacos “George Michael” Panayiotou: June - December “So sad to hear about his passing and on Christmas of all days. George was a good friend of Diana’s and he was even.

August 9, 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales visited Bosnia as part of her campaign to ban landmines.

August Diana, Princess of Wales visited Bosnia as part of her campaign to ban landmines.

Rosie Huntington Whitely

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