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Chimes Cowl pattern by Craig Rosenfeld

free This cowl brings out the gems in your hidden treasure by highlighting its gorgeous colours with a simple and fun pattern that breaks up pooling and lets each colour shine. Slipped stitches create an extra cushy fabric, while the diagonal lines keep things interesting. Ravelry: Cache Cache Cowl pattern by Kiki Kawaii

Dancing Queen Cardigan pattern by Casapinka

Wade pattern by Amy Miller

How To Crochet Easy Patterns For Beginners

Whether you're new to Crochet or looking to learn more, you'll find these tutorials on simple Crochet Stitch techniques so handy! We've…

Milk Jam pattern by Anna Sudo

Ravelry: Milk Jam pattern by Anna Sudo - This is why triangular shawls aren't my favorite. They keep the back of your neck warm, though. Actually, this pretty shawl looks like it would keep you toasty all over.

Western Auto Cowlette pattern by Carina Spencer

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Western Auto Cowl pattern by Carina Spencer $5.00