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Food Carving Photos by Ilian Iliev

Food Carving Photos by Ilian Iliev Wow! This is an egg! (don't know what the rose is made from - beet perhaps?

24 Cute Breakfast Ideas | PicturesCrafts.com

20 Egg Decoration ideas for kids to make. Bento or salad ideas using Hard boiled eggs ideal for Easter & halloween - Artsy Craftsy Mom

Will You Eat These Watermelons ? | The Design Inspiration

The fruits sculptures and carving art become more and more popular. Probably any fruit carving artist have a strong self control or just hate the fruits and can deal with the watermelon temptation.

Sal al Sol con La Dolce Via. Cel: 320 -2146986 ö 2681378 Cali y Jamundi

My Favorite Food Art

I love eggs. My boyfriend loves them even more. I used to think egg was boring to eat for breakfast and in salads for example. And for a person who loves running like me, egg is a good source to healthy stuff.

fun snacks and for all my Lamb family members for our next family reunion

Davis Vision – Get your child to eat more veggies! Anthocyanins – along with carotenoids, which are abundant in orange and yellow cauliflower – are considered one of the most important nutrients for eye health.