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I'm doing it..you should too!!!

The origin of the Mishapocalypse, Supernatural, April Fools

Look, they're all empty inside

when you casually forget your brother in a cage with Lucifer in hell. <<- The SAMBA killed me.

Lets not forget Adam

I'm so glad I came across this! I just watched Percy Jackson yesterday and was like.OMG at this part lol. Also, for those who didn't catch it, Death (spn) is the Ferryman in Percy Jackson =D<-----wow now I want this crossover.


"The spn fandom scares me". Well one day we may save your life so shut your cakehole

"Actual Supernatural line or not?" Believe it or not these are ALL real supernatural lines.

why am i still surprised????

I have encountered my first Fandom Hijack post XD~<< OMG! I'm so happy for ya!>we must celebrate with pie

It's probably a security thing. When I was little and I got nervous being in a crowd and my dad was carrying me I'd play with his beard.

He's kind weird (I wonder why. It's not like he's being raised by an adorably insane man, or anything :p) : West Collins is adorable and i like the idea that he does that to keep himself calm and it makes him feel safe.