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"Don't worry we'll ease into it and start small. Onto Japanese tentacle porn! And then cat videos, and then a combination of the two!" <Are we sure the tenticle porn should fit in before the cat videos? Also, there are tenticle porn cat videos?

Aftershocks. I was so annoyed at him after his outburst and then he did this....and turned out to be the most understanding.....he was just processing or something....and did I mention Leo Fitz is amazing!

Actors Who Starred Together Before They Were Superheroes

Marvel why are you doing this to me!!!? I love both of them how am I going to choose which Quicksilver I like better!!!I guess we'll have to wait until the next Avengers to find out~~ Still hard to say but... Aaron made it easier to choose LOL

I think Sam would be such a great friend for Bucky (obviously he can't be his best friend, but comes close) because not only would they lark about, Sam runs a support group for PTSD and rehabilitation and that is exactly what Bucky needs.

He is such an amazing, lovely person & it is so sad to see such an insecurity about his life with Marvel. He is genuinely scared of losing his friends, his family.