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Can I just say I extra relate to this post because my favourite TV show is the flash-nadeen

This is so accurate I LOVE IT. And yet I feel like I could be a mix of Steve and Bucky

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Just Saw this meme that is trending at the moment... Had to add something... To the added

Marvel: Humans who wanna be gods | DC: Gods who wanna be humans

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'Harry Potter': Where Are They Now?

Mad Eye Moody :: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

Superhero registration act: In which heroes must register their name, location, alias and favourite disney princess.

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They are everywhere. I thing they must traveling in time and space, maybe, i don't know, with some Time Lord.

Infographic: We've laid out every Marvel movie and TV show -- and the absolute ideal order for watching them -- so you can check out the latest Marvel properties super prepared.

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