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William Henry Margetson (1860-1940), is a British painter noted for his pictures of very beautiful girls, typically alone and large on the canvas,

William Henry Margetson

"It was a pity she felt so unsettled though; she tried to get to the bottom of it as she hung out the sheets for Maggie before breakfast on her last day. . . just for a split second she had hoped that it was Mr Werdmer ter Sane. Of course, it wasn’t. . . "

Picture of Woman Hanging Laundry On Clothesline Outdoors. Stock Photo by Jupiterimages from the collection liquidlibrary. Get affordable Stock Photos at Thinkstock.

Charles Courtney Curran 1861-1942 | American Impressionist painter

Charles Courtney Curran ~ Impressionist painter

The Athenaeum - Woodland Solitude Charles Courtney Curran - 1913 Brigham Young University Museum of Art - Provo, UT (United States) Painting - oil on canvas Height: cm in.

19C American Women: Louisiana paintings by French-born Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans 1801–1888

It's About Time: Louisiana portraits by French-born Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans

Virginie Gautreau, depicted in a black dress in Sargent's famous portrait “Madame X”

The Poisonous Beauty Advice Columns of Victorian England

John Singer Sargent, Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau), 1883 – painting, Arthur Hoppock Hearn Fund, The Metropolitan Museum of Art