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10 Extraordinary Looking Madagascan Creatures ~ Spiny Leaf Chameleon

The African island of Madagascar is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Here are 10 extraordinary looking creatures that inhabit the island.

Interesting Facts About Butterflies ~ Spring Azure

The Spring Azure is one of the shortest lived butterflies lasting only a couple of days.

Cone Snail: One drop of venom from this little bugger is enough to end 20 human lives. Sometimes colloquially known as the “cigarette snail,” it has been said that when you are stung by this creature, you’ll have just about enough time to smoke a cigaret before you stop breathing. It’s not like it matters anyway though…there is no antivenom.

The 25 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

There are 32 full time California Condor birds that call National Park their home. These are the Largest birds in all of North America.

If I ask you to name three black birds, then without thinking you'll give these names;

Fascinating Animals Whose Names Begin with The Letter “C” ~ Coconut Crab

Amazing Animals: Fascinating Animals Whose Names Begin with The Letter “C”

Bugs and Creepy Crawlies

Bugs and Creepy Crawlies of Henry W.

10 Remarkable Animals Beginning with A ~ Archer Fish

If you think frogs and pigs are the only beings that love murky waters, guess again -- here are 5 creatures that live in brackish waters and love it!

10 Intriguing Animals Whose Names Start with The Letter B ~ Babirusa

A list of intriguing animals whose names start with the letter B. Nature presents us with beautiful, strange, odd and fascinating creature.

Eurasian pygmy shrew

Yellow-spotted rock hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei), is no bigger than 47 cm in) in total length –adult specimens can be as short as cm and weighs a mere kg lb), at most.

flying squirrel 24

Strange But True: Amazing Animal Facts Around The World ~Flying squirrel