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Permaculture Magazine - practical solutions for self-reliance

Raft based aquaponics or otherwise known as deep water culture (DWC) infographic

Different types of aquaponic systems

LISTEN TO PODCAST 005 – Urban Permaculture - This is from a reader/listener request at the tinkering forum. A focus on urban permaculture.

LISTEN TO PODCAST 051 – Toby Hemenway permaculture ethics - Paul Wheaton and Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia’s Garden, talk about the third ethic in permaculture: reinvesting the surplus.

How to catch, store, and use rainwater - Sunset.com. Rainwater from a nearby roof fills these tanks, then travels through a gravity-fed drip system to irrigate crops. (Photo: Rob D. Brodman)

How to Catch, Store, and Use Rainwater

of rain puts about 600 gallons of water atop a square foot house! That's a lot of free water. These cisterns collect rainwater from a nearby roof and when the tanks are full water is dispersed through a gravity-fed drip system that irrigates crops.

Recycled bridge beams, all squared up

After completing the strawbale walls and the roundwood, reciprocal roof of the Milkwood Roundhouse, we wanted a gorgeous floor to complete this hand-crafte

Learn how to transplant your vegetable plant seedlings outdoors with these instructions from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Includes tips on preparing soil.

Transplanting Your Seedlings

REALLY GOOD INFO This vegetable garden planner chart has information on when to start seeds, fertilize, and water your common vegetables. From The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Oftentimes we're challenged with less-than-ideal landscapes. Here's a solution to stop erosion on a hillside and create an easily-navigable garden.:

Here's a Quick Way to Terrace a Hill

Check log / check dam method: a quick & easy way to terrace a steep hill, to stop erosion on a hillside, improve soil quality, and create an easily-navigable garden.

matts aquaponics 093

A background in sustainable fisheries has seen Matt's newfound enthusiasm for DIY aquaponics systems come to harvest.