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When someone has used money to leverage power their entire life, to make people subordinate to them, to excuse negligant behavior... Then the find a person who can't be controlled my that money. YOU MIGHT HAVE TO ACTUALLY ACCOUNT FOR YOUR ACTIONS! BOOM!

When we pray to Mary and the saints, we are just asking them to pray and intercede for us. It's the same as asking others to pray for you, only these people are in heaven, and so they have a higher favor with God...

lol i actually do have over 600, but thattsss cause i honestly dont care until they start getting all creepy and shit.

Exactly! I'm not saying you can't believe the way you want. I'm saying that what you believe has no place in our government.

Exactly, I mean you see all the Mexican flags being waved at the Trump rallies. If you want America to be like Mexico, then take your ignorant asses over there! Hell, let's expedite bus rides! We're probably already paying for their living expenses, so a bus ticket seems like an investment to me!