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the moment when he realizes the brakes doesnt work.....HAHA EXO CHANYEOL #chanyeol #hisfacescreamshelp #priceless

HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA yeah || Meme Center | allkpop

HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA yeah || Meme Center | allkpop

90 / ∞ colorings; chanyeol

Oh, just Park Chanyeol trying to kill me...

funny exo gif | ... exo funny moment #exo chanyeol #chanyeol #park chanyeol funny CLICK TO SEE

Chanyeol bumped Kyungsoo's arm while he drank so Kyungsoo spit the water at Chanyeol....

Chanyeol is adorable {Anybody notice the common look on all sunbaenim's faces when Channie hugs them? Like, 'Again with the hugging thing Chan? LOL!}

The restless maknae that decided to cure his boredom by pulling down Chanyeol's pants and the scissor like reaction that captured our maknae's neck. Oh Sehun...