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USS Enterprise: Originally released in 1976, Dinky’s incarnation of Star Trek's flagship space vehicle integrates a removable orange shuttlecraft and rapid-fire “phaser” defense system into a die-cast metal body. The result of this model/play mix, according to print ads at the time, was “the most exciting die-cast toy ever!” #startrek #dinkytoys #ussenterprise #vintagetoysUSS Enterprise

This is a three-in-one towable vehicle that morphs from compact, traveling profile to rugged toy-hauler mode to spacious and comfortable camping configuration. The integrated, lightweight unit can be pulled by almost any vehicle and can carry up to 800 lb. of gear. It can also accommodate top-mount racking systems. .

Nissan Pivo - This weird looking vehicle owns some nifty technologies, changing the way we interact with the car. One of them is the ability to turn the cabin around in the direction you are driving, making parking a pleasure. And yes, the car can drive sideways. To make this driving experience work they integrated an ‘Around View Monitor’ which constantly generates a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings on the dashboard. You simply point your finger or nod to use some controls.

1. A Couple Dropped Everything to Open a Pizza Boat in the Caribbean Now they run the best rated restaurant in St. Thomas and the hottest pizza joint in the Virgin Islands. Fresh baked pizza served on delicious made-from-scratch slow-fermentation New York style crust, each pizza is made to ord

The GM Futurliners were a group of custom vehicles, styled in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors, and integral to the company’s Parade of Progress — a North American traveling exhibition promoting future cars and technologies. Having earlier...

Citroën DS19 Le Caddy by Henri Chapron 1961 (en bas) et 1968 (au-dessus, phares intégrés dans les ailes)