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Teach Your Daughters To Shoot. Because a restraining order is just a piece of paper- Amen

Guns Aren’t The Problem Here…

Funny pictures about Guns kill people. Oh, and cool pics about Guns kill people. Also, Guns kill people.

Isn't it strange how our flag offends so many, but our welfare system doesn't?

Ain't that the truth. Our flag is offensive. Our God is offensive. Out lifestyle is offensive. Everything about America is offensive yet the hands are sure out for our money.


gee thought this was important enough to pin only in the good old USA what do you think ?

Funny how the good guys with guns in the first picture look exactly like the bad guys with guns in the second picture...

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun! Banning guns isn't gonna work the bad guys are okay with doing something illegal and having an illegal weapon! Saying a gun kills people, is like saying spoons make people fat.

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Just don't actually be hugging each other while shooting. You may need your nonfiring arm for more critical tasks, such as magazine changes, and a hundred other things. I just like the idea of a woman defending her turf along with her man, bringing heat t

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Uphold and demand our constitution and bill of rights be upheld not rewritten not abused not ignored not violated

So true

We treat prisoners better than the elderly . And most in our system are petty criminals in for stupid 'crimes' like smoking a plant.