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Inspiration: Steampunk

The steampunk librarian. Why is there not a steampunk option that I could wear everyday that wouldn't get me funny looks at work? fashion,fashion junkie,I'd wear this if i lost 100 pounds.,steampunk,Steampunk world

I was thinking that Phaedra (Hannah's character) could wear a sort of armor like this when she goes into battle, or into the woods (because that's extremely dangerous sometimes). Just a thought.

Love this corset. Looks great with a leather jacket, leather pants, and some cute Alexander McQueen heels. Long Brown and Gold Brocade Pattern Steampunk Corset with Matching Jacket

Figurino Medieval " Okay!! Alright, tell me, wadda ya thunk about this and the pants (next ) "eh, huh?!?!

Love the little Jacket! : 1379 Black and Red Satin Steampunk Corset Dude I want this! Can be use for steampunk harley quinn

An old corset, turned into a Steampunk Hat, is pretty darned cool.

Etsy link does not work. I like the look though, may need to use the corset idea on another hat I need to modify. Custom Made Chocolate Canvas Captain Spaulding Lace-Up Top Hat.

Amazon.com: Buccaneer Pirate Under-bust Corset Set: Clothing

Buccaneer Pirate - renaissance clothing, medieval, costume Not a huge fan of underbust corsets at ren faire, but that looks pretty.

I like how it wraps around the shoulder.

The Violet Vixen - Alustrial Cloud Captain White Corset, Obviously not for me. but I see some interesting style here that could be adapted for male costumes.

Medieval Hooded Gown with trimmed bell sleeves

Poster says, "pretty.This is very similar to the Simplicity pattern same body and sleeve shape. The change in the neckline is slight, and adding lacing and the copper detailing would be simple. Fitting the hood to the neck would take trial and error.