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Holiday Humor - Halloween Pumpkin Carving Thanksgiving Surprise Barber Asks How To Carve Pumpkin’s Halloween Haircut “Cut a little off the gourd?” ~ Blade the Barber (carving knife) “No, surprise me!

child hood ruined XD

The truth behind SpongeBob

Personally I think squidward is envy with being jealous of squiliam? and plankton wrath because he is always angry when he fails and is filled with revenge

Best Rage Comics

Yea totally me, I always do that and then I'm like. What did I just do, and my sibling are looking at me like your an idiot.


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Calculator Me gusta - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor

soldiers open fire..... :P

When Derp's Army Lost To Herp. - Posted in Funny, Troll comics and LOL Images - Mix Pics

We are fatties... i was going to pin this under my fuckking funny board.. but food was the last one up....

This is way to true. When at a concert there was a huge group of people waiting for the escalator so I just took the stairs. It seems like only me and a few other people took the stairs.