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Photo Credits: Rita Petita (via Takin Baby Arrives in the Early Morning at the San Diego Zoo - ZooBorns)


Les 14 amitiés entre animaux les plus improbables et extraordinaires

When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the Rescue. Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in South Carolina, became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding. But here's the truly amazing part: This is something Anjana does all the time, having helped raised leopard and lion cubs on several occasions.

The sloth at the Zoo was having a snack, I was pretty excited to see that because in all the many times I've been there I don't know that I've saw it move...also an armadillo apparently lives with it now. I did not know they moved so fast. I like armadillos, I heard once that someone tried to shoot one and it bounced of of it and hit the served him right I think! Leave the armadillos alone!

Don't be sad, that is wrong. Your hearts cry to me all the time. Why am I not good enough yet, I try so hard, I hurt for Love, in Love... You are My Child and I Love You. Pride is a beast that you cannot fathom, cannot begin to conceive of in depth, truth. This is why I say to Trust me, to let go to me. Do not be disheartened. This is not a contest, this is the passionate love of you, to perfection, you deserve no less, and shall have it.