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Five nights at Freddy's 2 (looks cool to who ever made this!)

MY MUSIC :D - Welcome to your nightmare

Jeremy-fitzgerald :: ¡ OH MY Doll : El juego de las muñecas (doll, dolls, dollz)…

Five Nights at Freddy's Dancing!

Vincent was such a lovely child. Crashing his parents dancing stuff

Do not lose it Mike

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chica & foxy human (chica looks adorable but Foxy my god he looks sexy -///-)

I can die of cuteness >///<<<<first I was like awww then I was like wait... Purple guys in there...

Rose: *runs up to spring* SPRING! *hugs* Spring: *blushes* i missed you too Rose.

I dont ship Foxy and Chica but that was sweet of foxy.I ship Foxy and Mangle.Love you Foxy

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Foxy chica and foxy are though a horrible couple I would rather have mangle and foxy

Mitochondria is the power house of the cell

Mitochondria is the power house of the cell, seriously Chica, you chose to say that on your bib, seriously.