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Giant Pyrosome, up to 6' wide and 60' long, is a thimble shaped colony of hundreds and sometimes thousands of filter feeding zooids, each of which is capable of copying itself and adding to the colony. They are connected with a gelatinous tunic and move in unison. Moreover, they are bioluminescent and emit light in unison! via theatlantic #Pyrosome

This is the fish that shows up in ocean puzzles all the time! I like him because his pieces are usually easy to spot! (And now I know your name, bwahaha!) Bennett's Toby (Canthigaster bennetti)

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Designing, taking photos, travelling, dreaming. Illusory correlations. Dreaming.......eating, living... dancing. Wasting time, escaping.... Always dreaming! + Art, interior decor, architecture, music, and of course beautiful clothes. Cognitive bias!...