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1887 cotton twill corset - really unusual, this corset is 'fully boned' like corsets leading up to the late 18th c. - in keeping with other corsets of it's period each boning channel is flossed at the top and bottom - but the profusion of boning channels creates an interesting effect with the flossing.

Corset, 1898. Cotton coutil, silk thread, lace, metal. Maker unknown. Part of Frances Glessner's trousseau for her marriage to Blewett Lee, February 9, 1898 at 1800 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

1887 French Corset Metropolitan Museum of Art*=Corsets=33#


1864 Corset (front) - Victoria and Albert Museum at Silk, edged with machine-made lace, reinforced with whalebone and metal eyelets, cotton twill lining. The corset was worn over the chemise and it moulded the figure of the wearer into the fashionable shape of the day. It did not need to be very tightly laced, for the illusion of a small waist was created by the very wide circumference of the crinoline.

Trousseau corset, 1900. Embroidered silk satin, ribbon, lace. Le Bon Marché. Gift of Mrs. William S. Covington.