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Normally most people would point out that it was a mistake, but not this fandom. This fandom makes something out of it to make the writers look even more amazing than they already are. Whether or not this is true we will all choose to believe it :,)

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Stephany✨ on

The strongest force in the world isn't love, it's hiatus.

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He would... <-- "It's for research, John."

.gif - Superwholock Hamish - Just Having A Little Domestic by

I tried not to repin but... I think I ship Johnlock for Sher when he's sitting around and what-not, but then when he sees Molly he's like "Ah, yes, I love you, not John"

Haha, our fandom is not normal. | Agreed! Aren't ordinary people adooooorable?<< yes

It's Tuesday friggin morning, Satan!<<< tuesdays are the source of all evil. And heat of the moment.