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Carter - Astigmatism

Congenital Glaucoma This occurs due to abnormalities in the anterior chamber angle of the eye, preventing drainage of aqueous humor. This raises intraocular pressure and presents with corneal oedema as seen in this photograph. Surgical intervention is required, using shunt and drainage procedures.

Why does vision therapy work for a lazy eye?

COVD Blog: Amblyopia Therapy-It's No Longer Just For Kids

Tommy - Congenital Cataract

Advanced Amblyopia Treatment…for faster and better outcomes

An advance paradigm of Amblyopia treatment - for faster and better outcomes

Amblyopia Cling Patch - Available in Blurs of: 20/100, 20/200,

Moses - Strabismic Amblyopia and Accommodative Esotropia

Addyson - Bilateral Retinoblastoma

Emma - Scarred Cornea and Glaucoma