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Advocates for Missouri teen Isaiah Rider's freedom are cautiously optimistic following the news that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill on Friday. The bill would have extended DCFS services to young adults between the ages of 18 and 21. According to the Chicago Tribune, the bill sent to Rauner's desk

In a stunning new development, a social worker told Isaiah Wed that if he were to move out on his own when he turns 18 next week, he would be arrested. Isaiah is not a criminal, nor is he in any way incompetent.But another state is controlling his life, and a caseworker from Illinois DCFS is making it clear that there will be serious repercussions for Isaiah when he becomes a legal adult if he tries to escape the control of DCFS. The Rider family is reeling from this new revelation.

When most people today hear of a terrible child abuse case, their immediate reaction is to call on the government to protect the child and bring justice to bear on the situation. This reliance upon government to enforce child protection, rather than families, churches or non-profit groups, is a relatively new concept in history. As American government has grown ever larger in response to society’s expectations that it should be all children’s protector, Americans have discovered these good…

El autismo es una discapacidad del desarrollo que pone trabas a las destrezas emocionales, comunicativas y emocionales de quienes lo sufren. Suele darse en la niñez, pero a veces se mantiene durante toda la vida. Un grito de auxilio en una boca sellada. Imposible definirlo mejor.

WHY WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES -- A CPS Whisteblower exposes every evil aspect of Child Protective Services in just 10 minutes. Published on Jun 21, 2014

As principais doenças mentais ilustradas.

Just like every year, the participating artists are given prompts for every day of the month to follow, but illustrator Shawn Coss has decided to use the month of October to get serious and talk about the mental illness and disorders.

Illustrated mental illness and disorders by Shawn Coss. - Imgur