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jensen ackles and felicia day

Jensen and Felicia--- it is exactly this bond that makes me love this cast so freaking much. Felicia was in a couple of episodes and now she's a part of this massive family of insane people. I love it.

sassy satan supernatural - Google Search

Mark's point wasn't that Lucifer was wronged by human kind, human kind was the wrong done against him by God. You know you're in the Supernatural fandom when you start explaining and understanding Satan's argument.

[GIFSET] probably how all their promo shoot shoots go...it's definitely so worth the click---

[GIFSET] probably how all their promo shoot shoots go.it's definitely so worth the click---just watch Jared, he's hilarious

His face in the last one

Ahaha "stop pulling my face towards your crotch" [SET OF GIFS] Gag Reel