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I will need to look at this every single day during grad school

Just a reminder

The expert in anything was once a beginner. Don't compare yourself with the expert, if you are a beginner.

Faith gets you through it all

This is so perfect: Stress makes you believe everything has to happen right now. Faith reassures you everything will happen in God's timing

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows..Stay Focused on the Positive and Realize your Potential Goals that you Set Out to Achieve!!! Gerard the Gman from NJ

Where focus goes energy flows. What are you focusing on right now in your business? Are you focused on positive growth, or worried about "what if"?

Family rules

Family rules with bible verses. Or Classroom Rules.generate classroom rules from Bible verses.love that idea!

When You Rise in the Morning... Give Thanks... @wisdomsquote @GreatestQuotes

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.