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The Grange Herb Wheel Planter is another attractive planter for small gardens that is perfect for growing herbs. #GrowYourOwnVeg

Remember to use a good quality membrane to control those annoying weeds in your vegetable garden. #GrowYourOwnVeg

This stylish planter is perfect for the corner of a patio or courtyard. Ample space for herbs and veg and an attractive addition to any garden. #GrowYourOwnVeg

Great veg requires great compsost and this simple slot together composter is a quick and easy to build solution. #GrowYourOwnVeg

This Grange Table Trough is another great option for growing herbs in a small garden or courtyard and the raised height is kinder on your back! #GrowYourOwnFood

This Trellis Obelisk, measuring 1.8m in height, provides stylish support for climbing fruit and veg such as runner beans and tomatoes. #GrowYourOwnVeg

Rolawn Veg & Fruit Topsoil is a consistent blend of topsoil derived from prime arable land and organic matter, which ensures great results. #GrowYourOwnVeg

Rolawn ProMulch is a peat-free mulch manufactured from stabilised chopped straw and iron minerals using a unique and patented process which promotes healthy plant growth. #GrowYourOwnVeg

Create attractive cottage style raised beds for planting your herbs and vegetables with these lovely round rustic sleepers. #GrowYourOwnVeg