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For the Love of Teaching: Monday Made It {Beach Ball Activity & Math About Me}

I like this unusual, chunky seat made out of (what looks to be) new railway sleepers which have been sawn down to size in a contemporary garden by Garden Designer Andrea Newill

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This must look so strange to people who don't know what's going on

((Open RP. Be guy friend/crush. Magic may be involved)) I sigh as I look around my room, drawing without really paying attention. I had colored pencils, pens, markers, crayons, and everything else scattered around my bed, and I had probably made a huge mess on the paper. I hear a knock at the door, and my best friend, Zach, walks in. I smile a little, "Hey" he says, eyeing my mess. "Hey" I reply. He focuses on the sketchpad in my lap, and his eyes widen. "What?" I ask, confusedly looking…

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Buckle Quiet Book Page

Page de la boucle. Deux ou trois ceintures feutrine cousus sur toute page, chacun avec une boucle différente au milieu afin que votre enfant peut

As much as I love depth, I know that is wasn't the depths that we were made for. We were made to experience the sun on our skin, to admire the depths from the safety of the shore. This has to be where we land. We can not get caught up in the endlessness of our feelings of emptiness, which can be fronted when we continuously look under the surface.

(Open rp, be Sam and Dean) "And where do you think you're going?" Dean asks as I try sneaking out of the hotel room. "Uhh.... Back to bed.. I was going to the washroom." I lie. "Right... But the bathroom is that way." I let out a sigh of defeat and frustration. "I just went out for a little while." I say. "And where, exactly, did you go?" Sam asks. I sigh again. "Hunting.." "Hunting what?" Dean asks. "Vampires." They look at eachother. "That's my girl." Dean says proudly. "Don't encourage…

Lighthouse - Eric Ravilious Newhaven East sussex

My internet wouldn't work at all a few days ago it made me so mad but I went to sleep really early because of it hah