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i can't breathe this is my favorite thing in the world i'm srsly not okay right now nope nope GOODBYE

I love how stubborn humans can be-especially when we are just straight up curious about something.

I think that I should be give more credit dear brother for using my brain & deciding whether those butterflies in mybstomach, that tingling feeling, the tightness thatvtakesbmy breath away is fear or love instead of blindly jumping in & making a huge mess for not using what I should have: my brain and my intuition. That is why zi zlways say As above, so below. If u cannot learn patience than tis your loss too, my dearest. We both jave choices, do not lump guilt trips on me thankyou very…

Lily Collins as Teegan Oakley...The energy around us seems to swirl and dance as I close my eyes in concentration. I can feel it pulsing around me like a wave. I take a deep breath and open my eyes, staring intensely at my open hand. I imagine blue flames licking up from my fingers and wrapping around my hand. When I release the energy I have stored inside of me a tiny blue flame flickers to life in my palm.

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