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1970's Fashion. 1970s fashion, which began with a continuation of the mini skirts, bell-bottoms and the androgynous hippie look from the late 1960s, was soon sharply characterized by several distinct fashion trends that have left an indelible image of the decade commemorated in popular culture.

1970's Fashion

fashion, which began with a mini skirts, soon came to jumpsuits. Jumpsuits were a very popular fashion trend for discos.

1960s mod mini dress and suits crochet patterns- Twiggy

mod mini dress and suits crochet patterns- Twiggy The was a wonderful time for fashion- the swinging had really taken off in London and British designers such as Mary Quant bought the mini skirt into vogue. The mod scene took fashion to

late 1960's

I hesitate to say this, but this fashion looks like it is straight from the Jupiter 2 on "Lost In Space" the t. No offense to the wonderful model, Colleen Corby.


Ronald Falloon Photography: 1964 Models in Courrèges, at Vintage Seekers.

vintage fashion 1965

60s Vintage 1965 Fashion Catalog~Atomic Age~Rockabilly

vintage fashion 1965

Christian Dior, 1966

Vogue 1966 Christa Fiedler by Bailey, silver metallic dress