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"Le Bucentaure," by Geoff Hunt. This 80-gun ship was Vice-Admiral Villeneuve's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The painting shows the moment when, unable to return fire on her approach, the battered and bloodied HMS Victory finally breaks through the enemy line with a thunderous broadside, splintering the stern of the French flagship Bucentaure into a thousand pieces. The Victory then rammed the French Redoubtable, the two ships exchanging broadsides at point blank range.

Geoff Hunt Print - “H.M.S. Leander" From Geoff Hunt's definitive series of prints 'Fighting Sail 1773-1815' depicting some of the naval ships of the period. Fourth Rate 52 Gun Ship. By 1797 the fourth-rate was not considered fit for the line of battle, yet that is where H.M.S. Leander found herself, at the Battle of the Nile on 1st August. Here seen passing the grounded Culloden and the brig Mutine. -- on ScrimshawGallery.com #GeoffHunt #Navy

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