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25 Awesome Ways To Say No - #Humor

Funny pictures about Badass ways to say 'no'. Oh, and cool pics about Badass ways to say 'no'. Also, Badass ways to say 'no'.

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You don't get a body like mine overnight. It takes years of moderate alcoholism, neglect, and numerous damaging behaviors. Me

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"My doctor asked if any members of my family suffered from insanity, I replied, 'No, we all seem to enjoy it." = my family

100% for this Actually some are looking scared. Maybe wondering why I'm still so happy So hilarious.

I’m not saying let’s kill all the stupid people… I’m just saying let’s remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out.

Liberals happened...Mass Shootings...Almost exclusively done by liberals.

Back in the and even later, many high schools had shooting ranges. Students even brought their own rifles to school. What changed in society that we could trust such activities then, but not now?


After watching copious amounts of crime drama I've come to the conclusion that serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and pantie sets. Feeling much safer now :)

your problem !

Funny pictures about Attitude problem. Oh, and cool pics about Attitude problem. Also, Attitude problem photos.

Haha that'd be great!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Hl mencken the average man essay American essayist and social critic H.L Mencken wrote, " The average man does not want to be free.

Be back in a minute..

It wouldn't have been appropriate to file this one under "humor".<-that's what the person who pinned this before me said. All I can say is this may actually be my most favoritest pin in the history of ever!


On November a Korean soldier of the regiment of the Baekma Division rescues Vietnamese children at the battle of Dien Can. This soldier's name is An Sang-Byung.