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Facebook's Stock Price in Context https://www.facebook.com/pinterest/powerofpinterest Blog on F.B. http://pinterest.com/socialconnect

Facebook's Stock Price in Context

Incredible numbers: FB will raise between and 12 USD billion with the IPO. See the context of FB IPO in this nice infographic.

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What's the recipe for a winning meme? One #infographic looks at patterns in 100 memes from 1980 to today, and determined the ingredients necessary for a video or photo to take of...

How to Create a Winning Meme [INFOGRAPHIC]

La increíble caída de Yahoo #infografia #infographic #Internet

the incredible shrinking yahoo: yahoo's market power takes a dive. how far yahoo has fallen and what its prospects look like today

Una infografía que nos sirve para comparar lo que sucedía en internet durante un minuto en el año 2013 y lo que ocurría, en el mismo periodo, en 2014.

Infografía comparativa: qué ocurrió en internet en un minuto en 2013 y en 2014

Social Insecurity: Got Social Media (Fear Of Missing Out). Social Media FOMO is forcing people to see what others are doing




Fan delle Olimpiadi: chi sono e come raggiungerli - We Are Social Italia

How U.S. Travelers Use Social Media by @PhoCusWright "Advances in technology and increasingly sophisticated social platforms have made it easier than ever for today's travelers to engage online. From posting travel reviews to interacting with travel brands online and sharing trip experiences through their favorite online networks, travelers are making the most of social media..."

Did you know more than 8 in 10 US online travelers are active on social networks? Infographic: How U. Travelers Use Social Media

This is interesting; sad; scary...

Social Network overload - This social media overload infographic got a lot of pins making me think many are wondering what SMM is in a balanced life.

How & When People Use Their Favorite #Devices #Infographic @hubspot July15

How consumers are using multiple devices at once. For more marketing resources and tips Mobile Marketing Infographic

12_social_network_molto_particolari_ di_cui_non_avete_mai_sentito_parlare_1

12 Social Network di cui non avete mai sentito parlare.


Infographic depicting key data on wearable technology market share, revenues and shipments

Investimenti pubblicitari per strutture turistiche #Infografica

{INFOGRAFICA} Investimenti pubblicitari di strutture turistiche e possibili scenari social

Investimenti pubblicitari per strutture turistiche #Infografica