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Eat to Defeat Cancer (and other diseases!) Very interesting site, this links back to a list of foods that keep cancer and other disease from growing in your body. I recently watched a TED talk about this same topic and tried to post it here on Pinterest but couldn't because there is no image on the page. :( However, here is the link:

Take this list to your next grocery visit, and stock up on these cancer-fighting ingredients. And remember to make fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains the biggest part of every meal.

when omega-3 DHA and circumin are combined, they have the ability to slow down the growth of breast cancer cells. These compounds worked best when combined, than when tested separately.

Dr Oz: Cancer-Fighting Food + Turmeric, Strawberries & Broccoli

Dr Oz shared his top three cancer-fighting foods: turmeric, strawberries, and broccoli.

10 Cancer Causing Toxins You Need to Avoid

Check this out as Dr. David Jockers goes over 10 of the most potent and hazardous chemicals in the environment you need to: 1) be aware of, and 2) avoid as much as possible through your lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions. Click on the image to find out more or repin for later!

Infographic Healthy Cancer-Fighting Snack